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YiPSCELL is Korea’s first start-up based on induced pluripotent stem cell technology. We produce stem cell lines derived from normal humans and patient using the next generation stem cell technology called “induced pluripotent stem cell” and produce disease modeling platform services that can replace animal experiments. We are a biotechnology company that establishes various diagnostic and treatment pipelines, such as developing stem cell-based treatments.

Ceo Message

YiPSCELL’s executives and employees consider “Seek for the Sick”, the company’s core philosophy, as the most important value.

I'm JiHyeon Ju, CEO of YiPSCELL

YiPSCELL is a biotech company that uses induced pluripotent stem cells to produce normal and diseased cell lines, provide platform services for disease modeling, and develop stem cell-based therapeutics.

“Seek for the sick” We are committed to research, development, and application processes to diagnose and treat patients with incurable diseases that cannot be resolved with modern medicine.

“From Therapy to Recovery” We have established a strategy to focus on induced pluripotent stem cells among various stem cells. Induced pluripotent stem cells have great potential because it is easy to acquired cells and has a wide range of differentiation capabilities. We will develop stem cell therapies that aim regeneration and functional recovery of ageing organs so as to provide promising treatments in this era of ultra-aging society.

“Without passion, noting is gained” The process of developing new treatments requires continuous eagerness and enthusiasm. With this passion, YiPSCELL aims to contribute to the society by conducting R&D on induced pluripotent stem cells from therapeutic approaches for patients with incurable disease. We would be grateful if you would follow us with great interest.

CEO JiHyeon Ju
YiPSCELL Co,. Ltd.


YiPSCELL conducts clinical immunology & stem cell research and aims to proceed induced pluripotent stem cell research and develop therapeutics based on our research.


  • 07

    Production of clinical grade induced pluripotent stem cell lines

  • 06

    Certification as Venture (Start-up) Company

  • 05

    Investments Worth 12 Billion Korean Won Secured in Series A Round (INTERVEST, AJU IB, PremierPartners, HB INVESTMENT)

  • 02

    YiPSCELL Laboratory Receives LMO Certification


  • 11

    3rd Floor GCLP-Level Laboratory Opens

  • 11

    Won “Minister Citation of Ministry of Gender Equality and Family” at K-Startup Challenge 2020

  • 09

    Investment promotion (Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co, Ltd)

  • 09

    Commercialization support project of Innovation Growth (Seoul Business Agency)

  • 09

    Commercialization support project of BIG 3 R&D (Ministry of SMEs and Startups)

  • 05

    Start-up leap forward package support project (KISED)

  • 05

    Commercialization support project of BIG 3 innovation field start-up package (KIAT)

  • 04

    Headquarter expansion and relocation (47-3 Banpo-daero 39-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul)


  • 12

    Patent transfer contract and technology transfer between The Catholic University Industry-Academic Cooperation Foundation and CiSTEM

  • 11

    Catholic Master Cell, the first clinical trial for osteoarthritis patients

  • 10

    Won “Best Award” at 2019 Anti-Aging Health Startup Fair hosted by Korea Economic Daily

  • 10

    Awarded for contributing to commercialization of health and medical technology Awarded by KHIDI

  • 09

    Initial start-up package business order

  • 05

    Signed a joint development contract with T&R Biofab and CiSTEM for treatment of rare immune diseases

  • 03

    Innovative startup member business of KHIDI


  • 12

    Patent for systemic sclerosis disease model and its use (application number 10-2019-0177114, PCT/KR2019/018654)

  • 06

    Patent on a method for producing a pellet of chondrocytes from human induced pluripotent stem cells and its use (application number 10-2018-0072875)

  • 01

    Patent registration of chondrocytes induced differentiation using separation by cell size through centrifugation (Registration No. 10-2014020)


  • 12

    Patent for a method of manufacturing a composition for differentiation of chondrocytes using human pluripotent cells derived from umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells of HLA homozygous
    (Registration No.: 10-2030906)

  • 02

    Founded CiSTEM Co., Ltd. located in Catholic University, 222 Banpo-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul


  • 03

    Catholic iPSC Research Center (CiRC) Established Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Application Research Center under the Catholic University of Korea


  • 03

    Established CiSTEM laboratory

Brand Story

YiPSCELL’s visual identity was inspired by three things.

  • The Rod of Asclepius God of medicine, to express YiPSCELL’s ideology devoted to human health
  • Helix structure of a DNA to symbolize YiPSCELL’s efforts to because the leading company in the field of biology science
  • As we prepare a signpost to indicate the future of YiPSCELL for development and delve into unlimited and infinite

The completed identity as whole resembles an alive branch that represents blessing and creates an association with the company name similarly to the Korean “leaf”. Each quadrilateral that makes up the identity symbolizes core values that YiPSCELL pursues : Compassion, Supremacy, and Contribution.



    Dreaming like a boy


    Challenging the distant seas together dauntlessly


    “YiPSCELL’s People” shining like a star

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Contact Us

Company Name
YiPSCELL Co,. Ltd.
JiHyeon Ju
Business registration number

B2, Omnibus Park, Banpo-dearo 222, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
+82 (2) 1522 3325
+82 (2) 2210 1018
Operation hour
Open 9:00AM ~ 6:00PM (Lunch break 12PM ~ 1PM)
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